The Benefits of Contemplating Death

The Benefits of Contemplating Death

Embracing Death to Live a More Fulfilling Life

The Benefits of Contemplating Death was a multi-platform art piece centered around embracing death to live a more fulfilling life. The primary platform was an online publication, which included artist profiles, analysis of academic research, my photo-series, and interviews of people with death-related expertise.

This publication was translated into an Instagram account (to increase accessibility to the project) and an interactive project, Death Messages (where people anonymously mail-in written thoughts and experiences surrounding death).

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Yep, I Spend My Days Thinking About Death

Is my death obsession bad for me?


Why “The Benefits of Contemplating Death?”

My path toward recognizing mortality


Death Messages

Death Messages are the thoughts you've been having about death that you haven't had a place to share, until now. With our society being all hush-hush about death, it can be hard to find a place to voice our experiences. Death Messages are a way to share your memories, fears, beliefs, and more.

Mail your Death Messages to:

PO Box 2110
New York, NY 10025


Descent experience

The Descent Experience is based on an ancient Sumerian myth where Inanna, the goddess of heaven and earth, decides to go visit her sister Ereshkigal, the goddess of the underworld. During the photoshoot, the model re-enacts this myth in order to confront the loss of identity that surrounds death. Reflecting on the impermanence of life allows the model to remember how precious each moment is and strip away that which is unimportant in their lives.


Moons of the Month

Moons of the Month was a year-long, slightly-more-than-monthly moon calendar subscription that came out every new moon. Each calendar was my own design, and was dedicated to celebrating the cycles of life and death. The moon grows and recedes, as do our lives. The continuous transformation of the moon reminds us that nothing lasts, so we should cherish every moment that we have. 


Memento Mori Pin – SOLD OUT

No matter how we look or how successful we are, we will all die. Use this pin as a reminder to take advantage of every moment you have— put your everyday worries into perspective, show your loved ones how much you care, and follow your dreams. 

- 1" circle
- High-quality, cloisonné hard enamel
- Brass plating
- Rubber clutch

Limited edition of 100 pins, sold out.



Instagram graphic promoting an interview.
Instagram graphic with hand-lettered #deathmessage.