Folioh Port Interview by Kenta Thomas

Image by Kenta Thomas of  Folio Port

Image by Kenta Thomas of Folio Port

Hannah Suzanna: "Thinking About Death Strips Away the Things That are Unimportant." Founder/Artist Behind The BCD on Death and Considering Life

By Kenta Thomas


This interview kicks off a collaboration that The BCD is doing with Folioh Port, called DEATH WEEK. In the week leading up to Halloween, we'll be posting death stories, death messages, photography, and more. Get ready for a whole lotta good death content this week! (Because it's a collaboration all of these posts will be instantly public.)

Thinking about death has been one of the only things that have given me the courage to break free.


A challenge I'm constantly dealing with, is this idea of doing what is expected of me by society versus doing what I feel is right. As a person, I have always valued authenticity, and so it was really weird for me going through college and leaving college, and finding myself conforming to societal expectations. I think a part of that was that I wasn't sure what the alternative looked like, and I didn't know how to break free of that routine. I went through with a major that I wasn't necessarily passionate about, and I went through a series of jobs that I was choosing to do, because I thought I should do them. Those things by themselves aren't bad, and I don't regret any of it, because I learned so much from all of the situations, but you just know that something within yourself just wasn't in alignment. And thinking about death has been one of the only things that has given me the courage to break free from that. You hear about people talking on their death beds of all the different regrets they had; 'I wish I had the courage to live for myself instead of others,' 'I wish I had spent more time with family,' 'I wish I allowed myself to be happy.' It just seems like, whatever I lose in the security of a normal job, I gain in life satisfaction.