Photo by  Virginia Conesa

I was raised in Humboldt County, CA amidst a thriving group of creative friends and family. I went on to earn my BFA in Graphic Design from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. In 2016, I moved to New York where I work on my photography and projects such as the Descent Experience and my Afterlife Studies. My photographic series and multi-platform art pieces center around themes of oneness, questioning reality, death, and an inquiry into existential meaning.

Relevant Experience

Self-Employed Artist, Entrepreneur & Freelancer
Funded Art:
My Patreon
Selected Clients:
Oakland Museum of California
Digital Witch
Income Generating Projects:
Moons of the Month
The Benefits of Contemplating Death
June 2010–Present

Branding Director
June 2014–March 2016

Design Assistant
Oakland Museum of California
April 2014–June 2014

Gallery Assistant
Cal Poly University Art Gallery
March 2013–December 2013


upcomingLMP print exchange

I’m exhibiting an exclusive Afterlife Study, which was printed in an edition of 11 for this exchange and show. Print to be available for purchase here.

Lunch Money Print
Marquee Gallery
Group Exhibit
New London, CT, March 2019

Moon Room Collective

This collective is made up of Naima White and myself. We create instillations that examine humanities’ ties with the earth and cosmos.

Death Star Disco
An immersive instillation inspired by supernovas, examining life and death on a cosmic scale.
My Part: I created multimedia pieces with embroidered fabric and mirrors. The symbols I included relate to the cycles of life and death, such as lunar phases, ouroboros, and bleeding hands.

Dysfunctional Theatre Company House
Collaborative Exhibit
Governors Island, NY, September 2018

Moon Room
This instillation examined the conceptual and literal ties between human, earthly, and cosmic cycles in the form of menstruation, lunar cycle, and oceanic tides. 
My Part: I sewed an appliqué tapestry with corresponding imagery.

Dysfunctional Theatre Company House
Collaborative Exhibit
Governors Island, NY, October 2017

The benefits of contemplating death

I exhibited photos from my Descent Experience, invited audience to leave anonymous Death Messages (a death-related note with content they haven’t felt comfortable sharing previously), and made the Underworld Photobooth (a tongue-in-cheek way to document our impermanence for posterity). 

Dysfunctional Theatre Company House
Solo Exhibit
Governors Island, NY, September 2017

Underworld Gallery

The Underworld Gallery is a mobile art gallery that houses my interactive death exhibit where audience members are invited to take a piece of life, in the form of a photographic print, and leave a death message, a note about something death related that they haven’t been able to share in other areas of their lives.

House of Yes Pre-Show Party
Greenhouse Ensemble
Solo Exhibit
New York, NY, October 2016

Dresden Dolls Brigade
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
Group Exhibit
Boston, MA, August 2016

Facets of Oneness

Facets of Oneness is a yearlong series where I created a photograph every day. Each post was designed to help me see past physical barriers so I could feel at one with everything.

A Painted Window Pre-Show Party
Greenhouse Ensemble
Solo Exhibit
New York, NY, August 2016

Seed Gallery
Solo Exhibit
Ventura, CA, April 2016

Breasts. An Explorative Exhibit.

This is an explorative exhibition about breasts. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable about this. In fact, quite the opposite. In this show, we seek to find different angles on a round subject. Finding new ways to examine our feelings about breasts. This is a search, an homage, a meditation on breasts. 

Oddville. A Creative Space.
Group Exhibit
DTLA, February 2016

Work With Me

I love collaborating and I am available for editorial, portrait, and product photography, as well as myth based descent shoots. Interested? Get in touch:



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PO Box 2110
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