Brian Singer Lecture Notes

artifacts vs. strategy

The future of marketing is not marketing. It’s time to give people something they want, something that makes them smile.

participation, something they won’t throw away

Engage through inspiration.

Where does that inspiration come from?
outside projects—energy to design
personal interests
fine art
professional work

—telephone pole poster collage
war & protest
—”make war not love” calling attention to the fact that we’ve become complacent about the wars the US is involved in
—home street home. framed cardboard with home sweet home stitched into it
the economy
—reverse of what you think… irony
the idiot—little flags of GWBush stuck in dog poop

1000 Journals Project
1000 journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world
inspired by bathroom graffiti
June 17, 2000
Project started in bedroom
Journal covers & website

What have people done with the journals?
lost and found
Hidden in caves
abandoned at airports
used on treasure hunts
stolen at gunpoint

Book: 1000 Journals Project
Documentary: Netflix!! 1000 Journals

1001 Journals, let’s people launch their own journals.

You have ideas

[Brian Singer @ the Cal Poly Art & Design department]

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